~*dribs and drabs of the life*~

~*dribs and drabs of the life*~
Remember this---that very little is needed to make a happy life.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Weekend thought

It seems that, there were so many things happened around me recently. And that made me think so much.
My good friend called me and talked so much with me last week. She told me that she will get marry in the end of the year. At that moment, I had a little surprise. I gave the best wish to her. At the same time, I recognized that the time goes very fast and we are at the age of marry. We did not think so much about that maybe because we still at school. She has worked for two years and became so mature. Marry is a turn in the course of events and it seems that marry means you will fact so many things that you have no experience before. You will have your own family. And you must consider clearly before doing anything. Something you have to do or have not to do.
I think it is a little early to marry at our age now. But it can prove that you have the ability to support a whole family. You can independence completely. She told me that she felt so much press in her mind. Because it is the most important thing in the life. But I believe she has enough power to accept it.
In fact, I was so begrudge her. She can have her own family and happy life with her husband even her children soon. The life simple but happily is enough. I wish them love each other forever and happy every time.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

mother’s day

When I went by the flower shop, the carnations are at my first sight. The mother’s day is coming. No wonder that the carnation is the most popular in such a special feast day. Carnation stands for great and similar for mother. As the matter of fact, mothers are very great. I believe that all the people will agree with me. They never stop giving love for their children no matter the children grow up or not. In their eyes, their children are children and need to take care of them forever.
Sometimes, I feel so interested that my mother treats my sister as a child. But my sister had has her own family and a daughter. In fact, mother can set her heart at rest with her. But she doesn’t do that. There is a folkway: “mother will worry about their children for 99 years if she can live 100 years.” It is true.
At this moment, it reminds me the matter which happened on mother’s day last year. I was piping my eyes in front of the computer because chatting with my good friend. His mother was dead when he at primary school. So he misses his mother very very much in each mother’s day. He talked a lot about his mother and his feeling. He can’t help to tear and I also……I think anybody can not realize such a large sorrow. It impressed me so much.
Now, I just want to say that the children are very very happiness who took care of mother.
At last, I wish the mothers all over the world keep health and happy mother’s day to them.

Friday, 27 April 2007


In the busy city, all the people are living at a fast space. We can look at the tall building and the hurried crowd everywhere. Compare to the country, I rather like to live in the country. There is no tall building, busy traffic, hurried crowd and so on. Instead of that, there are many trees and fresh air everywhere. And I like living close to the nature. There has no need to own so much money and live simply. Let your bout of life be light, packed with only what you need---a homely home and simple pleasures, one or two friends worth the name, someone to love and someone to love you. If only own this life in the future.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

~Happy hour~

When we do the teamwork, we are very seriously.
When we go out to relax, we are very crazy.
Form smile to laugh to guffaw to scream to ……

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

~~Make the choice~~

I don't like to choose maybe because I don't know how to decide। I hate that I have such weakness. I tried to change it when I recognized it. Sometimes I do something waveringly maybe because I consider too much. In order to remind me not to hang a leg, I wrote such a sentence on my desk: “Something you would not know it is right or not if you do not to try. And you can't regret once you decide to do.” I must make my mind to do anything which I wanted to do. I believed that the more I experienced, the more I understand. And I think I will more and more mature.
In fact, life is a choice. You can gain more if you chose rightly but you must pay more if you chose incorrectly. No matter you chose the right or not, you also get something happiness and sadness. The matter most is how you look on your choice and how to face your gain or lost. Even if you did not choice also is a choice.

Friday, 13 April 2007

~Suitability is best~

It is not easy to choose a pair of shoes which nice and suit to you. So many shoes show to you. You maybe spent so much time to on them. But nothing you get. Sometimes we saw some shoes look very nice which on someone’s feet. But it seems that they did not look nice on another one’s feet. Different people have different effects with the same shoes.The shoes can show the nice only on the suited person. Even it will hurt the feet if you in the unsuited shoes.
So suitability is best. Not only look nice, but also comfortable with the suited shoes.As the same, it is happiness when the suited persons meet at the right time. It is sadness when the unsuited persons meet at the right time. But what about the suited person meet at the wrong time? I think it is a pit just, I think so.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

~~such a cute kid~~

She is a lovely kid, isn’t she? She is my niece and we love her very much. The first time I saw her was the next day which she born. It also the first time I carry such a little baby. As time goes by, she grows up faster and faster. She like talking very much so that the house can not keep quite when she at home. At the same time, she brings so much happiness with her puerility. I often see my sister present the happiness on her face when she looks at her lovely daughter. In fact, sometimes happiness is very simple. What matter most is how you see the life.I wish my little niece grows up with health because happiness lies first of all in health. And everyone in the family lives happily.

Monday, 9 April 2007


At first, I have stopped by so many bog online and learnt something about how to make a blog well. I design my blog according to my interest because I think that will let me to make it better and better for a long time. I believe you can get the success only in which you enjoy it.
At the very beginning I must to design the whole frame of my blog. It is the important part to make a good blog. And then I write some small articles about the true life and my idea. I have so many idea with something I met or read in some books. I think only the real thing can attract others to read them and give some comments. So I decide to write something about my thought. I enjoy writing something about my thought.
I issued the articles with some pictures which can fit to them. I think it can bring some colors to my blog. And it validated the little success according to the comments of the blog. What’ more I put some small photos of my life and some words to describe at the side of the blog.
I often stop by other blog and leave some comments. And then others will visit my blog as well. Even they would add my blog link to theirs. In the following, I will try my best to make it well.

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Background friend

When we were kids, the hours spent with friends were too much to count. Friendship takes the very important part of our lives. It is both a source of pleasure and a component of good health। When something good happens to us, sharing the happiness of the occasion with friends intensifies our joy. In the time of trouble and tension, talking with friend will let you out of the upset as soon as possible.

There is a kind of friends called “background friend”। You need not to make up and do anything when you stay with them। You can say anything without scruple even the soulless words. You can put up your friability.

The “background friends” just only to comfort you, they will mot mock or trace you. So you need not stand out when you stay with them. Even you can show all the weakness to them. It is the most relax. The real friendship only can stand with heart and feel with love.

Monday, 2 April 2007

How to enchance the lecture presentation by blogging?

With the development of the information technology, teaching by blogging is a new way to use. Students can gain a sense of empowerment and personal identity while learning how to interact with others online through weblog. But how to enchance the lecture presentation by blogging? There are some points:
l Take full advantage of the blog platform to improve our ability about collection and tranfer. And then learn the method to deal with the information and how to use.
l As a student, we can try to make the blog by ourselves with the information online. And the teacher just to do some necessary explain on this process.
l We can issue many material according to the blog to share with each other or receive more idea about it.
l Learn the newest information everyday online, catch up with the modern period. And you can get the good idea to design your blog.
As a practice, blogging is situated between a variety of different tensions-orality and textuality, corporeality and spatiality, pratice and artifact. In essence, blogging is a liminal practice that challenges other practices in the process of defining itself.


~~I woke up by the thunderclap this morning. It is very gray and keeps raining outside. The weather affects our mood so much. It not only can let us happily, but also bring with dismal. It brings us bother in this weather. Do you think so? I believe many people feel the same.Many people would stay at home or indoor during these days. But I think it's a chance for the person who live the busy lives. The whole environment looks placidity when it raining. But only hoped that it wil not keep for a long time.~~

Sunday, 1 April 2007

~~Crazy KTV~~

~~~I have got a little upset recently. Because of something bad happened around me and I can’t accept it in a short time. That night, one of my good friends chatted with me on QQ for a long time. And she was hurt so bad because of the sentiment. I didn’t know how to comfort her because I also got the similar situation. Both of us were sadly. I suggest to go to the KTV together and let us to abreact.
In the room, we sang louder and louder barbaric with the microphone. All the trouble gave vent to sing. Well! The feel at that moment was very perfect. With the sound raucity, we felt better and better. It really is a good way to abreact. Singing your blues away also means singing your trouble away.
“Easy is to say love. Difficult is to keep for a long time.”
Maybe sometimes, promise is just a joke. You’d better not to give too much expectation on it. Because the more you gave the more hurt you will face if it break. Then you will hurt so bad.
I hope that everyone must to think clearly before you give the promise to anyone. Try not to hurt others. Easy is to hurt someone who love us. Difficult is to heal the wound. At last I hope she can let go of the past trouble as soon as possible.
~~~Never let trouble troubles you! ~~~~

Friday, 30 March 2007

~~A small dream~~

~~I like snowing very much. But I was born in the south of China. I have never truly to look at the snow. I extremely eager to feel snow in the snowy area. I have a small dream from the childhood tothe present if only I can have a white Christmas at a time. Maybe somebody would feel a little strangely. But I really want to do that. I believe it will come true some day because I had ever promised to myself about that. I think I can not forget this moment.~~

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

~~At night~~

When you sit on the chair and stay along in your own room at night. I found that I would think many things at this moment, particularly at the late night. It is so quiet. Maybe this is the best time for you to think. I have special feel at night. Do you think so? I like the feel, which lie down on the lawn and look at the sky. I think it is the best way to relax myself. I yearned the time when I lay down at the side of the river with my friends at school. We went there after playing basketball that night. Face to the sky, all of us had so many own ideas about something. We enjoyed ourselves very much. It is known to us all that, most of the girls are moonstruck. Therefore, it is easy to image that there are so many topic among the girls. Colloquialism said, “Three women can make a street” (I am not sure it is right or not in English.) However, I think maybe three girls can do that as well.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

~~let go~~

If you ever want someting badly, let it go

If it comes back to you, then it is yours forever.

If it does't, then it was never yours to begin with.